Alice Teichert : Statement

Born in Paris and raised in Brussels within the environment of the European Communities, Alice Teichert studied Music, Visual Poetry, Visual Arts and Printmaking in Belgium and France. Her interest in North American Abstract Painting led her to continue studies in the United States and Canada, where she has lived since 1984.  Well known for her bold colourful paintings with multiple layers, textures and finely pigmented glazes, Teichert has built an international career with exhibitions in France, Canada, Switzerland and Australia.


 The point is...

April 15- May 3, 2016 


The point is …:  Integrating my interest in-line of lines forming a language of topo- and typo- graphy, of glyphs and graphs, these new paintings put into view more ties and interstices between text images and a thought process. 

Image is text and text is image, and the language is one of perception and interpretation within the space of the experience itself. 


Alice Teichert, February 2016