Jonathan Forrest - Colour Coherence

24 May - 9 June 2018

' My work is a combination of intuitive responses to the world around me, an ongoing dialogue with contemporary and historical painting, and an enthusiastic immersion in the material process of making objects. My natural openness and curiosity has kept me alert to a range of potential approaches to art-making and my creative process is positive – I’m interested in creating something new, something generous and giving, and something that sustains me in the studio. I come from a history of modernist painting rooted in abstract expressionism and colour-field painting. That past informs my work and acts as a springboard, but there is a friction between that past and working in today’s contemporary art world that generates a spark that pushes the work forward. Past perceived rules and self-imposed constraints fall away and increasingly I embrace an open, playful and searching studio practice. ' JF