David Alexander

Alexander studied at the Vancouver Art School and Langara College art dept. and then graduated with a BFA from Notre Dame University, and the University of Saskatchewan with an MFA.

In 1980 he moved from British Columbia to Saskatoon for 23 years. He received his Masters degree while researching in New York, London, Paris and Boston. He has travelled the world to attend his exhibitions, conduct lectures and drawing and painting research in the north.

During the the 90’s and 2000’s he travelled in the Canadian arctic repeatedly and later in 1998 he resided in Iceland where he had a public exhibition. He returned multiple times to Iceland and Denmark and the Faroe Islands in Europe and is planning another trip there.

In 2006 Alexander attended the Morris Graves Foundation in California as an invited guest artist in residence and a television documentary was created later in that year by FILM 291 called "Landscape as Muse” and was made in Newfoundland, Saskatchewan and British Columbia over a period of 6 months of drawing in his landscapes.

In 2007 he went to Japan and was inspired by the parks and water features.

He returned in September 2008 to the high arctic as an invited member aboard a 75 ft. sailing ship which sailed through the North West Passage. The expedition consisted of artists, scientists, writers and film makers who were raising cultural and environmental awareness towards global warming.

In 2012 Alexander resided as a guest artist at The Helene Wurlitzer Foundation there he completed a large body drawings that were show at the Hulse, Warman Gallery in Taos, New Mexico in 2013.the Goodwin Fine Arts in Denver Colorado in 2015 and the Kelowna Public Art Gallery in 2016.

David T. Alexander's art is in many public, private and corporate collections throughout the world, including The Vancouver Art Gallery, Museum of London, University of Toronto and Concordia University in Montreal, Museum of Art in Iceland, Canadian Embassies in Berlin, Warsaw, Beijing and Krakow. Corporate collections also include works throughout Canadian and US. cities including Dubai, Seoul, New York, Mumbai, Nice France and many private collections.