Lynn Malin - FRESH

14 May - 4 June 2022

This new exhibition of recent paintings highlights two distinct styles of Malin’s work; still-life and abstraction. The still-life paintings bring bright colour and a whimsical joy to the viewers, celebrating the beauty of nature and the fragility of life through the fine lines and details. In her abstract practice Malin executes the paintings on Lexan, a semi-translucent substrate,  that allows her to convey the ethereal feel of how light affects colour and form.  A new series of black and white continues to push her practice forward, incorporating dynamic aerial elements into the grayscale paintings. The combination of the observed reality and imagination gives life to the artificial dividers of land by human occupation. 


Lynn Malin’s work can be found in several public spaces including the Kelly Ramsey Building, Enbridge Tower and the Emerald Hills Leisure Centre.


Opening Reception: Saturday, May 14

from 2 - 4 pm