The Estate of Douglas Haynes

Douglas Haynes was born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1936. He graduated from the Alberta College of Art (formerly the Provincial Institute of Technology & Art) in 1958, and joined the University of Alberta as a professor in the Department of Art and Design in 1970. He taught there until 1995.

Doug had a successful, established career as an Edmonton based modernist abstract artist for over 50 years. In 1974, he was elected a member of the Royal Canadian Academy, and was an Alberta Centennial Medal for the Arts recipient in 2006. His works have been recognized by many notable galleries and organizations, and is featured in many noteworthy spaces such as Edmonton’s own City Hall. He is considered one of the most respected modernist painters in Canada.

After his passing in 2016, Doug has remained a recognized name in the art world and has left behind a brilliant legacy, both through his artwork and the numerous artists he impacted as an educator.