Linda Lindemann

“Arriving in the middle (literally) surrounded by vast peaks, soaring trees, open skies and tangible silence, leaves me feeling happily insignificant. I am humbled and replenished by the ancient rhythms of the earth. The perfect balance of land and sky that seem to have nothing at all to do with us, yet somehow, we belong? I have drifted now and then, getting lost in an artificial tangle comprised of schedules and the realities of modern life. But I do return.” – LL


Much of Lindemann’s work reflects the prairie landscape in which she was raised. The rise of a building against a wheat field, the evening glow after swathing canola or just the tracks of a tractor winding around a windbreak. The familiar rhythms of rural life are expressed in her works as she continues to develop and revel in the beauty of simplicity.


Linda Lindemann grew up on a farm near Bentley, AB, and from an early age, developed a love for all things rural. Immigrating to Canada from the Netherlands with her family in 1979 when she was 4 years old, Lindemann quickly developed a strong connection to the land.  Her parents instilled in her a deep appreciation of nature and the farming lifestyle and being raised in such a setting has strongly influenced her art practice.